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"Odessa and Beyond"

US Freight Forwarders
Odessa, Black Sea, Caspian Basin
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Bloc Logistics:

Odessa & Black Sea, & Caspian Basin.

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Bloc Logistics

Bloc Logistics
  1. Ocean Multimodel
    1. Ocean Container - North America to Black Sea
    2. Ocean Container and Multi Model- North America to Caspian Basin
  2. Black Sea Regional Rail Service Southern Russia, the Ca causes
    1. Ukraine to Caspian Basin
    2. Ukraine to Kazakhstan
  3. Black Sea Trucking
    1. Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, Hungry.
    2. Ukraine to Caspian Basin
  4. Caspian Sea Barge & Lighterage Service
  5. Caspian Basin International Air Cargo.

Contact Information

All Alaska Tranport
North American Agent:
David Knapp
Mobile: +1-907-654-4946 or 1-218-349-5098 E-mail: dknapp@allalaskatrans.com
Fax: 1-484-402-9831
Skype ID: knapper57
Halvore Logistics
Superior WI
329 Grand Ave
MC# 662343
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Caspian Basin Agent:
Sergei Khromchenko
Mobile: +7-701-887-8510
E-mail: skhromchenko@bloclogistics.com
Skype ID: serg15111973

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