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"Odessa and Beyond"

US Freight Forwarders
Odessa, Black Sea, Caspian Basin
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Certifications and Insurance

Halvor Logistics
Superior, WI
MC# 662343
Dot# 2243370

Contact Information

All Alaska Tranport
North American Agent:
David Knapp
Mobile: +1-907-654-4946 or 1-218-349-5098 E-mail: dknapp@allalaskatrans.com
Fax: 1-484-402-9831
Skype ID: knapper57
Halvore Logistics
Superior WI
329 Grand Ave
MC# 662343
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Caspian Basin Agent:
Sergei Khromchenko
Mobile: +7-701-887-8510
E-mail: skhromchenko@bloclogistics.com
Skype ID: serg15111973

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